Heightened Senses 1 year anniversary Showcase

Set Design : Selena Ferrer

Like The Players Do Music Video- Natalie DePergola

Choreography: Selena Ferrer

"Breaking The Wheel"- Discord theory

Actress : Selena Ferrer

"Heightened Senses x The Castle" : Art Installations Experience Rooms.

Art Director | Prop Styling : Selena Ferrer


Stage Design : Selena Ferrer

Heightened Senses : An Incubator For Performance Art

Art Director : Selena Ferrer

Charlie Chaplin Inspired Commercial X Heightened Senses

Creative Director : Selena Ferrer

"Returning to the Ground" Dance Performance

Choreogreography : Selena Ferrer

"People over Property'" Social Injustice Protest

Set Design X Creative Directors : Selena Ferrer | Christina Lee

A Dance exploring Yin & Yang, Balance, Trials & Triumphs

Creative Director | Editor : Selena Ferrer

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